HomeBrew Starter Kit (Choose My Own) - 23L

HomeBrew Starter Kit (Choose My Own) - 23L

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The 23L Morgan's Premium Starter Kit comes with everything you need for your first batch of homebrew beer.

Note: Please choose the beer ingredient kit from the selection to brew your first batch of homebrew beer using this Starter Kit.


1) 1 x 30 litre Fermenter with Screw Lid

2) 1 x Hydrometer with Test Jar

3) 1 x Ladle/Spoon 

4) 1 x Bottling Valve

5) 1 x Morgan's Body Blend (1Kg)  

6) 1 x Stick-on Thermometer

7) 30 x PET Bottles (740ml each) with Caps

8) 1 x Tap

9) 1 x Air Lock with Grommet

10) 1 x Bottle of Morgan's Sanitize 

11) 1 x Packet of Carbonation Drops

12) Complete Brewing Instructions

13) Morgan's Recipe Chart

12 Videos on how to use this Complete Beer Brewing Kit

Dimensions: 55cm (H) by 45cm (D) by 30cm (W) Weight: 9kg

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