In Line Regulator

In Line Regulator

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This in line regulator is suitable for gas or liquid.

The regulator can be adjusted with a normal flat head screw driver.

the regulator is constructed of non corrosive acetyl, nitrile, and stainless components. The regulator has two mounting points where you can attach the regulator to the wall.

The regulator includes two brass barbs as show in the photo. The barbs are suitable size so you will be able to attach 5 or 6mm ID tubing to the barbs. Alternatively you can use the 1/4inch hose commonly used with water filter housings and attach this directly into the push fit fittings on either side of the regulator.

These regulators are idea of reducing your mains water pressure to any pressure from 0-150 psi. The maximum inlet pressure is 150psi.

As it shows in the photo we have actually used one to lower the CO2 pressure going into one of our kegs.

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