30L Fermenter Set

30L Fermenter Set

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These 30L bucket style fermenters comes complete with airlock, temperature tag and faucet. Smooth walls are easier to clean compared to other blow molded fermenters with highly porous walls.

Everything you need to get your fermenter.

The kit includes:

- 1 x 30L Fermenter (Wide Lid)

- 1 x Faucet

- 1 x 3 Piece Air Lock

- 1 x Grommet

- 1 x Stick on Thermometer

Top diameter 37.5cm;

Bottom diameter 31.2cm;

Height 42cm

Why polypropylene?

We make these fermenters from polypropylene less porous and significantly smoother than other HDPE fermenters. HDPE is porous and can accommodate microbial activity making it more difficult to clean.

Being less porous polypropylene also doesn't absorb flavor like HDPE, so less goodness is carried from batch to batch.

Please note: these 30L buckets do not have a hole for the faucet, which is best for removing your liquid. If you want to use the faucet you will need to drill a hole (very simple job), these pails already have thread to screw into the faucet.

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