Fermentation Chiller (65L)

Fermentation Chiller (65L)

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This semiconductor electric fridge is the perfect solution for controlling your fermenting temperature as well as dispensing beer straight from the tap.

It can house both the 15L and 30L fermentor without too much excess space so that the cold air can circulate evenly within.

Additional feature: The chiller comes with a lock to prevent anyone from disturbing the fermentation process/kegs.

Technical Data

Volume 65L
Rated Power 220 - 240V AC
Rated Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
Input Power 100W
Power Consumption KW.h/24h 1

Max Temperature Difference Between Ambient and Cavity

23 Deg C
Temperature Control Range 8 - 15 Deg C
Net Weight 18kg
Gross Weight 20kg
Shape Size (WxHxD)mm 460x735x540
Packing Size (WxHxD)mm 510x760x570

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