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This yeast is cultivated in the traditional way of top cropping and drying method. It is unlike commercial powder yeast in its look.

Each pack contains enough viability for a 25L batch. From pitching to start of fermentation, usually lag time between 24 to 48 hrs.

It is encouraged to create a starter of 300ml, which takes off after 12 to 24 hrs, then add this starter to your 25L wort at the correct temperature. This way, high kräusen can be achieved ~ 4 hrs.

Flavour: To be updated...
Pitch: 33 DegC
Ferment: 25 - 35 DegC
Attenuation: ?%
Phenolic: No
Bacteria:  No
Max ABV: ?%

Note: Pic for illustration only. It is the Kveik Ring. Actual yeast pack comes in flakes or coarse granules form.

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